Thursday, July 4, 2013

Quick Review: Capital Grille (Chevy Chase)

Here is a quick review on Capital Grille which is a pretty good place. I went out with a few friends on afternoon for lunch. The restaurant is upscale, with a couple of high end items, wines, and entrees. We sat at the bar with a few appetizers and drinks. So here is a few things we ordered:

This first appetizer was smoked salmon with capers, diced onions, dill sauce, sliced lemon and crackers. The salmon was excellent, a bit salty, but still had the fresh taste.
This was the fried calamari with peppers and sliced lemon. Both rings and tentacles were friend in a seasoned batter and tossed with a few spicy peppers.
 The appetizer I had ordered was a fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad with diced seasoned tomato, aged balsamic, and olive oil. Sea salt sprinkled on the top gave it a salty, but garden fresh taste. The aged balsamic was excellent with this dish.
 This salad was a classic wedge with pieces of bacon, blue cheese dressing and sliced seasonal tomatoes. The bacon was a great add with the smoky flavor.
The soup was a clam chowder soup with crackers and sprinkled parsley flakes.

There are a few Capital Grille restaurants in the DMV area which would be great for dinner, or a quick lunch.

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