Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome to the factory...

Another day, another restaurant to talk about. The Cheesecake Factory... Yes the name says it all and that's what its know for, Cheesecake. The funny part about it, I never get cheesecake when I go there... I know what your thinking, Huh? Yep I never do, they have all kinds of different desserts and food items to choose from, but somehow I manage to get my favorites. This time though, I actually skipped the dessert and focused on the entrees instead. But, I will give you some of my favorites and must tries at the end of the post...

So me and a couple other people went out for a birthday dinner and everyone order something different. If you have ever been to cheesecake factory, you know the ambiance is very low light, mood setting, with a modern day twist. The menu is a book with tons of starters, salads, pastas, fish, steak, burgers, low fat items, desserts, etc...

Of course for me, I tried a salad and entree. I ordered a greek salad with cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. It was drizzled with balsamic dressing and top with salt and herbs. Very good dish. Feta cheese was fresh and complimented the dressing well. The salt added more flavor to the tomato and the herbs gave it a good kick. Very good salad.

My entree, which is my favorite dish there was to die for. It was a herb crusted salmon, cooked medium-well, steamed asparagus, and redskin mashed potatoes in a lemon cream butter sauce. The dish came out looking stunning and the flavors were bold and made a statement. The fish was cooked well, the asparagus had a bit of crunch to them, and the sauce was very creamy. Excellent dish I have to say.

So the next time your out, try The Cheesecake factory, lots to choose from.

Here is a list of favs...

Greek Salad
Crab cakes
Fish Tacos
Cajun Jambalaya Pasta
Herb Crusted Salmon
Shrimp Scampi and salmon
Hibachi Steak

Cheesecake Favs:
Fresh strawberry
 Godiva Chocolate
Chocolate Cookie dough
Snickers Bar Chunk

Dessert Favs:
Lemoncello cream torte
Linda's Fudge cake

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