Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Yellowfin Restaurant...Im in Love

So about 2 weeks ago, a close friend, family, and I went to a fabulous restaurant that everyone that loves seafood has to try. The restaurant is located in Annapolis Md right on the water. They sat us near a window in which you could see the pier, water, and sunset that evening. The atmosphere was great. The menu consisted of wonderful seafood dishes, everything from shrimp and lobster, to burgers and great desserts. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the money, portion and quality of the food. Everyone ordered something different, but I myself felt I had the best dish on the menu.

For a starter, I ordered a wedge salad. Traditional salad, but they definitely jazzed the salad up with color and flavor. The salad consisted of 1/4 cut of a iceberg lettuce head, fresh tomato, onions, rainbow color of peppers, and a herb flavored blue cheese dressing that was delicious.

The entree has to be one of my favorite dishes. It was a Lobster Macaroni and Cheese. The dish was fabulous. The pasta was cooked to al dente and the three cheese sauce was delicious. The lobster was found throughout the dish and also cooked two ways. The lobster inside the pasta was cooked in the pasta sauce, warmed through and spread throughout the plate. Then there was a steamed lobster tail on top, steamed through with succulent meat and butter. I couldn't have asked for a better dish.

For all those that love seafood, and want to get away to a place with great food and scenery, you have to try Yellowfin. Its well worth the trip, you will be glad I mentioned it.

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